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ROBERT ELLIS has largely traded his rugged alt-country sound for a more atmospheric blend of pop, rock and soulful vocals, and he’s coming to the new RADIO ROOM on Monday, July 24th!

Robert Ellis is very apparently a breakup album, a challenging endeavor in this year of Beyoncé’s gauntlet of women’s blues, Lemonade. From a different corner of the musical universe, in an utterly different voice than one Jay-Z would ever employ, Ellis (who, it happens, hails from Beyoncé’s hometown of Houston) speaks for the man who strayed, betrayed and regretted.

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The infectiously melodic, magically eccentric indie-rockers ELF POWER played a packed in-store on Friday before their full show at THE SPINNING JENNY, and the love was flowing. We thank you.

The opening track “Halloween Out Walking” combines minimal and beautiful folk rock arrangements with otherworldly Moog synthesizer gurglings to awe-inspiring effect. Other highlights include “Watery Shreds”, a piano ballad that transforms itself into an explosive an unexpected distorted guitar drone freakout, sounding like an unlikely marriage of

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The ragged, roots-rockin’ BANDITOS have returned with a new album, and they played a PACKED release show right here at Horizon last Saturday, right before their RADIO ROOM show that night!

After spending much of the last two years on the road, relentlessly showcasing their critically acclaimed 2015 self-titled debut album, the six bandmates of Banditos regrouped in late 2016 at Plum Creek Sound Studios in Dripping Springs, TX and democratically poured out sonic influences and emotionally charged personal experiences for their new album Visionland. Produced by Israel Nash and Ted Young, the Birmingham/Nashville-based group’s second full-length has one foot firmly planted in reality as the other tip-toes in and out of mental complexities, self-perception and altered-state illusions.The results are revealing, exhilarating and profound. The album-titled track reveals these defining, cohesive thematic intricacies.

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JASON ISBELL has released his dazzling new album The Nashville Sound. THE 400 UNIT is back on album the first time since 2011. And we’re ready to celebrate.

“We at Horizon remain super-energized by what Jason Isbell brings, the sound of his crack band, the 400 Unit, and what this all means to the music scene. Hell, he just sold out 5 nights at the legendary Ryman Auditorium in less than two hours! It seems the wider world has discovered (at last) that so-called country music goes way beyond formulaic “get drunk-cheatin’-pickup-truck-Wal-Mart”-style country.

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RECORD STORE DAY 2017 has come and gone, and what else can we say other than THANK YOU, we love you and let’s do it all again next year!

We’re speechless, which doesn’t happen often around here. We just had one of our biggest Record Store Day celebrations EVER, without all the ROSANNE CASH & PEARL JAM buzz that blessed last year’s RSD, or the once-in-a-lifetime JASON ISBELL show that highlighted 2015. From the fun-filled vinyl rush at 9am to the steady love til 10pm, to the rainy day shoppers who came out on Sunday, Record Store Day’s 1oth anniversary event was simply amazing. Y’all rock, we’re grateful. Dere it is.

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SARAH JAROSZ & OLD SALT UNION both played amazing shows at Horizon Records in The Bohemian Café this week, and both shows were packed! We thank YOU, and we love you! Now let’s get ready for RECORD STORE DAY!

We’re still reeling from the two in-store shows we’ve had at Horizon in the Bohemian Café over the last few days. Both SARAH JAROSZ and OLD SALT UNION brought the acoustic-music thunder, and we were thrilled that they both had a packed house to play to. THANK YOU, GREENVILLE! Now let’s get ready for the chaos and surprises of RECORD STORE DAY 2017! Stay tuned for more info!

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Bluegrass-jazzers OLD SALT UNION are comin’ to town THIS THURSDAY! They’ll play an in-store at Horizon Records in The Bohemian Cafe at 4:30, then head over to THE SPINNING JENNY!

Old Salt Union is known for playing music by their own set of rules. While the men who make up the group are not complete rebels, they are certainly focused on exposing people to a purer, more exciting, and more original form of music. Drawing influence from Bill Monroe, Sam Bush and Del McCoury, to jazz great Bill Evans and Composer Danny Elfman, it’s obvious the group has a unique and broad genetic make-up. What makes Old Salt Union special is their ability to further explore the jazz and blues roots of bluegrass in a mature and refreshing manner. With in-depth musical compositions, a catchy hook, and a high- energy metaphorical punch to the gut, they are truly front runners in the new generation of string music.

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THE SPINNING JENNY has announced some shows that we’re thrilled about, including appearances by THE HONEYCUTTERS this Friday and JIM LAUDERDALE on MAY 4th!

“The Honeycutters, an Asheville, NC-based original country roots band… Led by songwriter Amanda Anne Platt, The Honeycutters include Tal Taylor on mandolin, Rick Cooper on bass, Josh Milligan on drums, and Matt Smith rounds out the band on pedal steel, electric guitar, and dobro to create a sound that carries just as well across the bar room as in a church or a theater. Fueled by the powerful songwriting and vocals of founder Amanda Platt, Me Oh My moves her into the spotlight as producer, band leader, and principal creative force behind the band. With songs that are honest and relatable, part chagrin and part hope, Platt’s voice carries a timeless appeal.”

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Take a walk around the neighborhood as part of the NORTH MAIN COOP CRAWL on April 22nd, then head over to Horizon and do some RECORD STORE DAY shopping!

Edible Upcountry magazine and Gather Events have teamed to create the North Main Coop Crawl, a walking tour of chicken coops in the North Main neighborhood. Stroll around and check out the latest and greatest in chicken accommodations, and enjoy some craft beer, food trucks and workshops located at Community Tap. And why not stop […]

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Less then two weeks til the BIG EARS experimental and avant-garde music festival, March 24-26, in Knoxville TN. ROBYN HITCHCOCK! JOHANN JOHANNSSON! CARLA BLEY, JOAN SHELLEY! Lordy!

A brief word from festival co-founder and artistic director Ashley Capps: As always, we thank all of you for your amazing support and enthusiasm for our ever-expanding festival. What began as a modest passion project has steadily grown into a remarkable, internationally recognized celebration of music, art and creativity. Your passion and engagement has made that possible. Big Ears 2017 is shaping up to be an extraordinary weekend

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  • TECHNICS SL-D202 turntable
    The semi-auto SL-D202 was introduced in 1981 as the replacement of the D2 model. They continued the tradition of employing a high quality direct drive motor and great sounding tone arm. The cue control was moved to the outside of the table for easier access. This turntable has been professionally […]
  • TECHNICS SLD2 TURNTABLE w/ custom paint job
    The semi-auto SL-D2 is the workhorse of the Technics family. Time has proven this model extremely reliable due to its high-quality direct drive motor and tone arm. This unit features a unique (and very handsome) custom paint job and has been professionally inspected, refurbished, lubricated and has […]
  • Yamaha 5-disc Carousel CD Player
    Tons of programming options and 18bit digital conversion (w/ 8 X oversampling)! Heavy duty unit and professionally inspected and refurbished!     […]
  • Thorens MM 008 Pre-amplifier
    Audiophile grade phono pre-amplifier, extremely clean sound and as reliable and well-constructed as they get! High versatility and ease of use: the MM 008 phono preamplifier can be adjusted to match the tonal characteristics of your pick-up cartridge, ranging from an MM setting to three different […]
  • Technics SLDD2 Turntable
    Technics direct drive quality at an affordable price! The great thing about Technics is they made quality affordable tables that were never “cheap”. This semi-auto SL-DD2 is one of the easiest turntables to operate. Simply move the tone arm over to start the record! This turntable has been […]
  • Technics SLD20 Turntable
    The semi-auto SL-D20 was the most popular of the p-mount turntables. They are ultra-reliable and feature a high-quality direct drive motor. This table has been thoroughly tested and is operating at 100%! Has been fitted with a like new audio technical stylus, Plug and play!       […]
  • Onkyo TX SR 876 Receiver
    Modern AV receiver with plenty of inputs and outputs and turntable READY with on-board phono pre-amplifier! Robust power for surround or otherwise at 140 watts PER CHANNEL! 140 watts x 7 into 8 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at 0.05% THD. THX® Ultra2 Plus certification new THX listening modes for optimized […]
  • Haffler XL 280 Power Amplifier
    Legendary dedicated power amplifier, pure audiophile grade sound (No gain or tone control needed!), and near non-existent self noise! This is one of the very best amplifiers that Hafler made. It offers 145 watts per channel into 8 ohms, and is stable down to 1 ohm, offering 325 watts for short […]
  • Audio Research LS1 Line Stage Amplifier
    No tone adjustment needed, pure sound for the sound purist! The Audio Research LS1 Line Stage Amplifier is designed to accommodate music lovers who exclusively use line-level input sources — digital or analog — for the reproduction and enjoyment of music in their home audio systems. In technology, […]
    The BDP-S580 has built-in Wi-Fi and the best current lineup of streaming-media services, including Netflix, Amazon Instant, Hulu Plus, Vudu, Slacker, and CinemaNow! […]
    The Technics SL-D30 is a fantastic direct drive turntable featuring the same sound specifications as the SL-D3 model (Which is usually considerably higher in price) […]
    This unit has been completely refurbished including lubrication and calibration! Includes vintage Audio Technica cartridge with OEM stylus! […]
    The Technics SL-D3 is the FULLY AUTOMATIC version of the SL-D2 which is regarded as the workhorse of the Technics family. […]
    The Technics SL-D2 has been considered the workhorse of the Technics line of turntables for decades. […]
    The Technics SL-D1 turntable is a FULL MANUAL version of the legendary SL-D2, this model has been regarded as a “tank” and “indestructible” among hi-fi enthusiasts for decades. […]
    The Sansui S2000 speakers have been highly regarded in the hi-fi community for decades and for good reason! […]
    Very nice Blu-Ray player, with remote! Enjoy 3D Blu-ray Disc movies in Full HD 1080p--also supports standard Blu-ray Disc movies in HD and upscales DVDs to near HD quality. […]
  • RCA 45-EY-2 45rpm TURNTABLE
    The RCA 45-EY-2 is an AC operated 3 tube automatic phonograph with mono amplifier and speaker.  The turntable is a 45 RPM, model RP-190-1, which holds up to twelve 7 inch fine groove records. Uses crystal pickup with medium output voltage. Also uses Qty(1) PM Elliptical 4″ x 6″ speaker. […]
    The BX-300 incorporates a wealth of original Nakamichi technology such as the Discrete Three Head system, a Direct Drive Asymmetrical, Diffused Resonance Dual Capstan Transport etc. […]
    This NAD 7020E is an absolutely rock solid receiver, 2x20watts and AM/FM receiver is perfect for bookshelf and medium sized speakers. To those familiar with the NAD 3020E Stereo Amp, this unit employs much of the same technology!       […]