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hello Downtown Greenville, SC and friends. LIVE MUSIC here around 4:30/5pm-ish when blazing Bluegrassers Old Salt Union play an in-store set on their way to a full on evening at The Spinning Jenny at 8pm. So stop in check them out its a very good thing, The Bohemian Cafe has the beverages to get Thursday pm going for ya. thanks and bring it on! ... See MoreSee Less

There's gonna be some serious pickin' today at Horizon Records in The Bohemian Cafe and at The Spinning Jenny tonight! Old Salt Union is in town!
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The Festy Experience Arrington VA

Another dose of hot bluegrass from Old Salt Union, who will be in town tomorrow! They'll play at Horizon Records in The Bohemian Cafe at 4:30, then head over to The Spinning Jenny for a full show at 8pm!
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Check out Old Salt Union performing "Where I Stand" LIVE on The Loft Sessions! Facebook: Twitter: www.twitter.c...

Get your Thursday bluegrass on with Old Salt Union! They'll be pickin' up a storm live at Horizon Records in The Bohemian Cafe at 4:30 p.m. before their full barn-burnin' set with Jenni Lyn Gardner at The Spinning Jenny at 8 p.m.!
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Old Salt Union performing "Tuscaloosa" at Music City Roots Live From The Factory on 1.28.2015

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    The title track of Hot Thoughts starts like a Kraftwerk tune: electronic drone, metronomic beats and clipped robotic vocals. Then the guitars crash in, and you're reminded almost no one engineers post-punk propulsion into precision-tuned rock-and-roll melody better than Spoon auteur Britt Daniel. Nearly 25 years in, his group has made maybe their best record yet – a line that been repeated, accurately enough, with most every record they've made.
  • NEW RELEASES 3/24: Holy cow, do we have lot of new stuff, from ODDISEE, DREW HOLCOMB, JESUS & MARY CHAIN, CRAIG FINN, RUTHIE FOSTER, and a bunch of jazz/classical titles for Gene!
    Oddisee, a Maryland native and Brooklyn transplant, has been one of the country’s top independent hip-hop producers for more than half a decade, amassing a sizeable fan base out of the rap nostalgists and beatheads attracted to his mellow, expansive instrumentals. But his new record marks a first; the rapping on The Iceberg—fluid, dynamic and above all, thoughtful—finally matches the pull and urgency of his production. In the past, a solemn chorus of horns and bass, like the one on Iceberg opener “Digging Deep,” may have outstripped the lyrical overlay. Here, though, the music provides a backdrop for Oddisee to explain the album’s premise: Our actions are only comprehensible once you understand the circumstances that have shaped our respective characters. The Iceberg zeroes in on those circumstances, while serving up another selection of near-perfect beats. On the clear standout, “You Grew Up,” one verse traces the divergent paths of Oddisee and a white friend who grows up to become a murderous police officer; another examines a man whose self-loathing leads him to radical Islam. Oddisee offers a complex portrait of both men, and his storytelling is complemented by sharp lyrical asides. The Iceberg uses dynamic narratives to avoid the sanctimony that has stained the genre, pairing Odd’s always-reliable board work with a new commitment to lyrical exploration.