HORIZON mourns the untimely loss of TOM PETTY in the midst of an already sad week. But his music lives on, through his amazing records.

In the midst of the shock and misery of the Las Vegas shooting, the music world lost one of its greatest American icons. Tom Petty (1950-2017) has left us.

Singer, guitarist, songwriter, visionary bandleader and a Southerner; a five-way threat if ever there was one. 

Hard for me to even process. I can say that I remember the day, the moment, I first heard “Breakdown” on the car radio. Accidentally drove three blocks past the dang house, basking in its brilliance.

He took a Dylan-esque, Byrds-type rock & roll sound, tinged more than a little by his Florida Southern roots and the greatest American rock band EVER, and backed all of it up with an underlying uncompromising instinct & integrity in the art. Just Google the story of his fight with his record label about not raising the list price of his Hard Promises LP to $9.98 from $8.98. And find the story of his intense and loving defense of Roger McGuinn during a studio session.” – Gene Berger


The world is a darker place today without one of America’s greatest-ever rock & roll ambassadors, but we will always have his music.