SWAG SATURDAY returned to Horizon, and Greenville helped us pay it FORWARD for food and warmth with donations for the TRIUNE MERCY CENTER while we gave away an assortment of vinyl, sampler CD’s, posters & more!

Horizon Records partnered with our pals at iongreenville and once again asked Greenville to join us and pay it FORWARD for Food and Warmth on Small Business Saturday! All day Saturday, Horizon Records celebrated Small Business Saturday and Greenville responded big time, bringing Food (non-perishables only), Warmth (need blankets, caps, gloves, socks) and of course deductible Cash or Checks, all in support of TRIUNE MERCY CENTER, who bring desperately needed assistance to those in need in the season of Thanksgiving and all year round. We’re blown away by the amount of help, kindness and holiday generosity you brought through our doors. We thank you again.


THE SWAG: We are giving away a ton of nifty, fun and sometimes collectible swag items we have accumulated as a music store in exchange for any donation to these 3 coffers. Freebies include, CD Samplers, Vinyl LP Test Pressings, Posters and more.

Triune, with Pastor Deb Richardson-Moore at the helm, is on the frontline bringing spirituality and the services that so many hard-hit people need to get back on their feet or recover; the homeless, the hungry, the struggling addicts and others. Triune, just down 3 blocks from our corner provides a safe haven and a friendly respite day in day out for those who need it most, whether through food bank, classes or allowing a myriad of 12-step program meetings to use their rooms.

Mr. Gene broke the whole thang down for WYFF for last year, and you can view that video HERE.

Horizon Records, so grateful that we are able to still be on our corner (now celebrating 41 years), feels that all businesses are partners in our communities, and that sharing is the best way to show our thanks and in the process help others. SO we will have 2 big boxes set out and a donation jar in hopes that each of our customers, neighbors or just anyone wishing to pay it forward in this season of family, food and hearth.







Last year your generosity created a whole pickup truck-load of stuff. Join us in this worthy Thanksgiving-season project and let’s get 3 truckloads to transport over to Triune Mercy Center.



SWAG SATURDAY is brought to you by HORIZON RECORDS and iongreenville!




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