Take a walk around the neighborhood as part of the NORTH MAIN COOP CRAWL on April 22nd, then head over to Horizon and do some RECORD STORE DAY shopping!

Edible Upcountry magazine and Gather Events have teamed to create the North Main Coop Crawl, a walking tour of chicken coops in the North Main neighborhood. Stroll around and check out the latest and greatest in chicken accommodations, and enjoy some craft beer, food trucks and workshops located at Community Tap.

And why not stop on by Horizon Records afterwards, seeing as how the Coop Crawl is on Record Store Day and all. There might even be some related brunch-and-lunch specials next door at The Bohemian!

    On “Concrete and Gold” Foo Fighters reflect the entire timeline of the classic-rock format; there are clear homages to the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Queen, glam, thrash and grunge. But the band has a new producer, Greg Kurstin, who has collaborated with Adele, Pink and Beck. And with him, Foo Fighters now shuffle genres, even within songs, more suddenly and whimsically — more digitally — than ever. Previous albums have presented studio-enhanced versions of the band onstage, while on “Concrete and Gold,” Foo Fighters can switch configurations
  • NEW RELEASES, 9/8: GREGG ALLMAN says goodbye, THE NATIONAL returns, NEIL YOUNG gives us one from the vault, and MIKE STERN rocks our world!
    As rock superstars fade from the glare of fame into the shrouds of nostalgia, a few find ways to keep connecting. It’s not easy: Talent is critical but more important is honesty. This is especially true when the end of one’s path comes into view, when that road no longer stretches past the horizon but stops somewhere short of there. When Gregg Allman recorded Southern Blood, he could see what lay ahead. Knowing that this was his farewell statement, he crafted it meticulously all the way up to the end of his journey,