The ragged, roots-rockin’ BANDITOS have returned with a new album, and they’ll be playing a release show right dang here at Horizon on Saturday, July 8th, right before their RADIO ROOM show that night!

The mighty Banditos have returned with their second album, and we’re getting TWO shows in Greenville on Saturday, July 8th to celebrate!

They’ll be playing an in-store show at Horizon in The Bohemian Cafe at 3pm before heading over to The (new) Radio Room for the full show at 8!

Get the Radio Room show info HERE.       Join the Horizon event HERE.

After  spending  much  of  the  last  two  years  on  the  road,  relentlessly  showcasing  their  critically  acclaimed  2015  self-titled debut album, the six bandmates of Banditos regrouped in late 2016 at Plum Creek Sound Studios in Dripping Springs, TX and democratically poured out sonic influences and emotionally charged personal experiences for their new album Visionland. Produced  by  Israel  Nash  and  Ted  Young,  the  Birmingham/Nashville-based   group’s   second   full-length   has   one   foot   firmly  planted  in  reality  as  the  other  tip-toes  in  and  out  of  mental    complexities,    self-perception    and    altered-state illusions.The results are revealing, exhilarating and profound. The   album-titled   track   reveals   these   defining,   cohesive   thematic   intricacies.

“Visionland”   is   named   after   the   defunct  $60  million  theme  park  that  was  built  in  the  late  ‘90s  near  some  of  the  band  members’  childhood  homes  in  Bessemer,  Alabama. The  park  was  shut  down  after  only  five  years  and  the  schizophrenic  glimmer  of  hope  it  offered  local  residents  connects  to  a  greater  overlying  optimism  for life  present  at  the  album’s  core,  an  eerily  relevant  theme  in  contemporary  complex  times.  Jeff  Salter’s  sweeping  guitar  strums  swell  at  the  song’s  intro,  lifting  through  the  murky  haze into the warm and sunny clarity of a duet between singer Mary  Beth  Richardson  and  singer/guitarist  Corey  Parsons.“Strange Heart” rides to new 13th Floor Elevators psychedelic heights, with Richardson’s scorching, raw, show-stopping voice echoing  Merry  Clayton’s  chilling  performance  on  The  Stones’  “Gimme Shelter.”

Later in the album, singer/banjo player Steve Pierce  channels  the  ebullient  folk  of  electric  Dylan  with  his  free & easy flow on “Fun All Night.” The band also brought in the outside artistic talents of storied keys player Earl Poole Ball upon a chance interaction they had after seeing him play with Ramsay Midwood at Sam’s Town Point in Austin, TX. Ball has performed and collaborated with The Byrds, Johnny Cash, Buck Owens, Gram Parsons, Merle Haggard, and many other greats. There  is  a  shared  mindset  throughout;  a  persevering  glint  of  what  could  be,  a  distorted  possibility,  struck  by  a  frigid  gust  of reality. Like some sort of modern day, Southern-born The Band, some songs were written over years by a single member (the  surfy  jam  “Lonely  Boy,”  which  was  written  by  singer/guitarist  Parsons  in  response  to  being  tour  weary),  others  by  a combination of the players (the punk-garage soul Stooges-meets-Velvet  Underground  churner  “Fine  Fine  Day”  was  penned  when  Parsons  and  Pierce  drank  massive  amounts  of  vodka  one  day  in  Opelika,  Alabama)  and  the  dynamics  show  for  it.

There’s  a  phantasm  of  vintage  ‘60s  Etta  James  soul  (plus burning-hot background singers) on “Healin’ Slow” and, later,  the  hopping  country  blues  of  “DDT.”  Topics  and  styles  range  this  way  on  Visionland –  the  heavy  and  emotional  to  the light and simplistic – but the Banditos always sound like themselves  and  always  drive  the  nail  deep  into  the  groove.